Igi Manaloto

Igi Manaloto

My dream as a kid was to become a hand model, but you found me running a developer blog, so you know what happened to that...

About me

Hoy! I work for NZME as a lead javascript developer. NZME has great digital products and very talented people. I look after setting up new frontend infrastructures and optimising our products.

I am passionate about up-skilling co-workers and getting backend guys out of their comfort zones (otherwise known as Linux Docker containers). My eagerness stretches far beyond getting pixels on a screen; I am also very interested in doing backend work.

Being pragmatic in this industry is essential, and I grow with the Javascript community as much as I spend time to understand why changes are frequent. In the first half of my career, I kept on abandoning libraries and frameworks just for the sake of trying new things…

These days, I take more of an egg-shell stepper approach. Mature products need care and new ones need proper planning. The technological decisions I make are driven by asking two of the most important questions first: what is most important to the customer, and does the company really need it?

The fear of not knowing enough overshadows the fear of failure. This is what motivates me to learn a lot.

People who inspire me Addy Osmani (Lead Google Engineer) Dave Agent (First committer in Grabone, super pragmatic) Neal Beattie (Loves writing very detailed emails)

Innovative, pragmatic, well-learned. That summarises my life’s aspirations.

Current products I’m working on Grabone, WatchMe, NZHerald

Commercial experience:

PHP: Magento 2, Wordpress, Laravel Python: Django Ruby: Ruby on Rails Javascript: Node, React, Angular, Ember, Shopify Mobile: React Native, Ionic

Check out Timpla, an open source workflow tool I started: https://www.npmjs.com/package/timpla.

Interests TypeScript MobX Redux Giving tech presentations Yakuza (PS4) Object-oriented and functional programming